• What's the buzz with the white jugs?

    Eberhard’s Dairy uses white milk jugs because research has proven that the quality of milk in a regular plastic container begins to degrade when exposed to light. With the white jug we’re protecting the milk from sunlight and artificial light. Vitamin A, C and B begin to breakdown when exposed to light, giving milk an off flavor. Currently, the only companies using the white jug are the Quality Chek’d dairies in the state of Oregon. Our mission is to provide customers with the best tasting product. We believe that it starts with great local milk protected by our white jugs and ends on your table.

Regular Milk

Vitamin D Milk
Vitamin D Milk

Gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, and the 1/2 pints that we serve to local schools.

Vitamin D Gallon

Vitamin D Gallon Nutrition

Vitamin D 1/2 Gallon

Vitamin D 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

Vitamin D Quart

Vitamin D Quart Nutrition

2% Reduced Fat Milk
2% Reduced Fat Milk

Gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, and the 1/2 pints that we serve to local schools.

2% Reduced Fat Gallon

2% Reduced Fat Gallon Nutrition

2% Reduced Fat 1/2 Gallon

2% Reduced Fat 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

2% Reduced Fat Quart

2% Reduced Fat Quart Nutrition

1% Lowfat Milk
1% Lowfat Milk

Gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, and the 1/2 pints that we serve to local schools.

1% Lowfat Gallon

1% Lowfat Gallon Nutrition

1% Lowfat 1/2 Gallon

1% Lowfat 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

1% Lowfat Quart

1% Lowfat Quart Nutrition

Skim Milk
Skim Milk

Gallons, 1/2 gallons, quarts, pints, and the 1/2 pints that we serve to local schools.

Skim Gallon

Skim Gallon Nutrition

Skim 1/2 Gallon

Skim 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

Skim Quart

Skim Quart Nutrition

Flavored Milk

Chocolate Milk
Chocolate Milk

What makes our chocolate milk so special? A process that suspends the flavor and color throughout the product. This process is not standard for the industry and that is why you don't need to "shake before you drink".

Chocolate Milk Gallon

Chocolate Milk Gallon Nutrition

Chocolate Milk 1/2 Gallon

Chocolate Milk 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

Chocolate Milk Quart

Chocolate Milk Quart Nutrition

Grab n' Go
Grab n' Go

Grad n' Go pints are perfect when you need something quick! They are popular because they fit in most car cup holders. These come in 2% milk, chocolate, and strawberry.

Grab n' Go 2% Reduced Fat

Grab n' Go 2% Reduced Fat Nutrition

Grab n' Go Chocolate

Grab n' Go Chocolate Nutrition

Grab n' Go Strawberry

Grab n' Go Strawberry Nutrition

Grab n' Go Egg Nog

Grab n' Go Egg Nog Nutrition

Nonfat Chocolate Milk
Nonfat Chocolate Milk

We offer nonfat chocolate milk to our local schools to help reduce childhood obesity.

*Seasonal* Egg Nog
*Seasonal* Egg Nog

When the holidays arrive you can count on Eberhard's award-winning egg nog for your party needs. To get our smooth flavor, our egg nog is made with only the best spices and the finest ingredients. Be on the look out in September for our egg nog. You can find our egg nog in 1/2 gallon, quart, and Grab n' Go sizes. We also offer a ‘Lite’ egg nog in a quart size.

Egg Nog Half Gallon

Egg Nog Half Gallon Nutrition

Egg Nog Quart

Egg Nog Quart Nutrition

Lite Egg Nog Quart

Lite Egg Nog Quart Nutrition


Whipping Cream
Whipping Cream

Our 38% heavy whipping cream is ideal for topping your cakes and pies. It can also be used for gravy, sauces, and baking. For real whipped cream, insist on Eberhard's! Available in 1 gallon, pints, and ½ pints.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Heavy Whipping Cream Nutrition

Half & Half
Half & Half

Eberhard's half & half is part milk and part cream. It's perfect in your coffee or with your oatmeal. Available in half gallons, quarts, and pints.

Half & Half 1/2 Gallon

Half & Half 1/2 Gallon Nutrition

Half & Half Quart

Half & Half Quart Nutrition

Half & Half Pint

Half & Half Pint Nutrition